Friday, February 27, 2009

For those that don't follow the Forum; Kurt and myself will be conducting our First Hike of 2009 tomorrow, Feb. 28th. It will be held in Weiser State Forest. Which is in Berks & Schulkill counties. It's open to all that wish to join us. If interested you can contact me at: OR

The hike will take place Rain or Shine , Hot or Cold so if your thinking of joining us; be prepared and come prepared.

Our next planned Hike will be on March 21st. At Michaux State Forest, this will be an over night hike. We're planning on hiking in till we find a likely spot or till we're tired of hiking. Set up camp, spend the night and hike out the next day. This will be a first for us, although we've been gearing up for it a while now, buying back Packing Tents , Sleeping Bags and other lighter equipment which we'll need to make are stay in the Forest comfortable. This type of hike may not be for everyone. But it's Time to get back in Tune with Nature Folks.
You can contact me for more info on this hike at the above e-mail address's or follow the planning of both hikes on the Forum.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sighting Report Feb 2009 and follow up

This report was followed up by Steve Ujvari and determined to be a false report. Witness did not file report.

The report reads as follows:
Female age: 37
date and time: 2/03/2009 @ 7:15 pm
location: Mountains south of downtown carbondale

what were you doing: I like to go hiking and as my dautgher and I were walking through the woods (off trail) we saw a large chestnut colored animal, thought to be a bear at first till it stood on two feet and walked away.
name of other witnesses:
did you tell anyone: My husband, but he did no believe me.
describe sighting: I was well, scared thinking I can be in danger by a creature I never even have seen before.
size color height weight: 7.5-8 ft tall
Chestnut Brownish Red Color
At least 700 pounds
other details:
footprints: The only footprint I saw was close to I guess would be 1 foot to a foot an a half.
landscape: Mountainous, very foriaged.
weather: Clear skies, chilly out.
did you have other sightings: never before.
other sightings in area: Yes, over the summer there were people who called one into the news stations.
sounds smells: In actually smelled like dead fish, but there are no streams in that area.
how did you hear about the PBS: A friend.
can we put sighting on website: Yes.
may we contact you: Yes.

Welcome to the PA Bigfoot Society Journal

This Journal will be a compiled history of our investigations, reports, follow up leads, expeditions. All PBS members will post on this journal listing hikes, outings, expeditions, follow ups, reports, or information made available to the public. We will also list meetings, events, expeditions, and functions that will be available to the public. Welcome and we hope you enjoy.

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