Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sighting Report Feb 2009 and follow up

This report was followed up by Steve Ujvari and determined to be a false report. Witness did not file report.

The report reads as follows:
Female age: 37
date and time: 2/03/2009 @ 7:15 pm
location: Mountains south of downtown carbondale

what were you doing: I like to go hiking and as my dautgher and I were walking through the woods (off trail) we saw a large chestnut colored animal, thought to be a bear at first till it stood on two feet and walked away.
name of other witnesses:
did you tell anyone: My husband, but he did no believe me.
describe sighting: I was well, scared thinking I can be in danger by a creature I never even have seen before.
size color height weight: 7.5-8 ft tall
Chestnut Brownish Red Color
At least 700 pounds
other details:
footprints: The only footprint I saw was close to I guess would be 1 foot to a foot an a half.
landscape: Mountainous, very foriaged.
weather: Clear skies, chilly out.
did you have other sightings: never before.
other sightings in area: Yes, over the summer there were people who called one into the news stations.
sounds smells: In actually smelled like dead fish, but there are no streams in that area.
how did you hear about the PBS: A friend.
can we put sighting on website: Yes.
may we contact you: Yes.

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  1. Hi I live in northeast pa. Yesterday morning at about 5am while going to my car to go to work I heard a strange sound in hte woods behind my house. I enjoy the out doors and know just about every animal sound in pa. But this was different. As I went to open the door to my car I heard a loud whooping sound in the woods about 50 yrds deep with a type of screech inbetween the whoops. At first I thought may a bar owl or screetch owl. but this was to load and belowed. The screetch not an owl either. what ever it was loud and close. I don't scare easy but this had the hair on the back of my neck stand up. This went on for about 5 minutes then stopped. So I went to work. I knew I had heard that noise before. while driving to work I realized the only other time I have heard that is when watching a documenatary on bigfoot. When I arrived home I told the story to my son and he pulled up some audio on youtube that sounds exact to what I heard. My son and I then went out back to the woods to see if we could find any tracks in the snow Sad to say nothing. But I know what i heard. any thought from anyone on this would love to hear them. you can get me at I'm really interested to hear what you might think. Thanks